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Monday, 21 October 2013

First Keynote Speakers Announced
We are pleased to announce the first of our keynote speakers for Digital Past 2014. As ever there is a wide range of topics and products covered.

Jonathan Purday from Europeana. Jonathan will be talking about Europeana’s various projects, with particular focus on their World War One project 1914-1918.
Europeana is a site that allows centralised access to millions of digitised books, photographs, paintings, films, sound and archival records coming from cultural and scientific institutions all over Europe. Featuring themed exhibitions, they are currently featuring 1914-1918, a crowdsourcing project on World War One. This includes anything from postcards to anecdotes, collected online and through road shows, which then get added to an online gallery.

Steve Burnard from Adobe. Steve will be talking about Creative Cloud.
‘Creative Cloud’ is a new way more intuitive way of working and creating. It includes the usual Adobe software and new ones such as ‘Adobe Muse’ as well as ‘Edge Tools and Services’ for building websites. With one membership you get access to all the software and updates and you can work from anywhere and you can also showcase your work to the online community.

Douglas Cawthorne from the Digital Building Heritage Group, De Monfort University. Douglas will be talking about 3D modelling, animation, visualisation and 3D printing.
The Digital Building Heritage Group is a research cluster based at De Montfort University, Leicester. Partially funded by the AHRC, they provide expertise in digital technologies, techniques and expertise, including digital survey of historic buildings and structures, digital 3D digital modelling, 3D laser scanning, 3D printing, fabrication of artefacts and displays in workshop facilities, visitor display design and computer animation and simulation.

Callen-Lenz will be talking about unmanned aerial vehicles and mapping.
Callen-Lenz deliver UK-wide remote sensing services using unmanned aircraft, a variety of sensors and techniques which is provided in GIS compatible data to clients. Products include high-resolution georeferenced orthophotos, infra-red orthophotos and high-resolution digital service models.

Full abstracts from all speakers will be available soon.

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