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Thursday, 6 February 2014

Development of Haptics at Manchester Museum

Sam Sportun from Manchester Museum will be talking about the digital haptic experience they have created for visitors in collaboration with Christopher Dean of Touch and Discover Systems.

The interface specifically looks at the needs of the visually impaired visitor and currently displays three objects from the new Ancient World galleries; which remain inaccessible to visitors with sight impairments as they are displayed behind the glass of a museum case. The Haptics interface consist of a touch enabled computer system which allows the user to investigate and explore the topography of an artefact within a 3-dimensional digital environment, through a tactile feedback stylus. The user holds a ball shaped stylus and feels a resistance when the ball on the screen comes into contact with a surface. Additional content triggered by the user such as sound, images and the spoken word is either playing in the background as guidance or becomes live when contact is made with the surface.

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