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Friday, 7 February 2014

IIC Technologies

The historic environment tells a country's story and is a precious resource. Documenting historic sites, buildings, structures and artefacts is an essential element in the proper stewardship of this resource. A measured survey is one of the important components of documentation and 3D point clouds form the core data of most measured surveys.

This presentation will loook at various capture methods available to the surveyor. The presentation will consider terredtrial laser scanning and photgrammetric techniques using stereo imagery from unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), poles and ground based cameras.It will also describe the use of structure from motion tchniques and structured light scanning capture methods. it will illustrate the use of these techniques on  a number of recent heritage projects.

3D point clouds are most closely associated, in the minds of many people, with the technique of laser scanning but rarely does scanning produce the complete solution. 3D point clouds can be created by many different methods and this presentation explains why particular capture solutions and  combination of solutions were used on different sites and situations to provide the data required by the client in a cost effective way.

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