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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Digital Building Heritage Group at Digital Past

Digital Past are very pleased to welcome Dr Douglas Cawthorne as a keynote speaker at Digital Past 2014. Douglas is co-ordinator of the Digital Buildings Heritage Group at De Monfort University, where he has established specialist facilities for 3D printing architectural models and archaeological artefacts, laser scanning and virtual reality modelling of ancient buildings, vehicles and structures for heritage applications as part of developing a multi-disciplinary centre for research into the use of digital technologies to understand and interpret the past.


A main focus of his presentation will be the AHRC-funded Connected Communities, Community Heritage project, which aims to assist eleven HLF community heritage groups in England and Wales with digital reconstructions of their historic buildings. As this projects draws to a conclusion, a number of completed examples will be showcased, together with an explanation of the co-production process with community heritage groups, some of the issues involved in establishing the authenticity of reconstructions, why the reconstructions were produced and what it is hoped that they will achieve for the work of the groups.

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