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Monday, 6 January 2014

Visualising stories in a heritage site

Tom Duncan from Duncan McCauley will be at Digital Past 2014 presenting an examination of the potential of digital media to augment cultural heritage locations to create storytelling environments while maintaining the integrity of the heritage sites.

Tom will talk about the task of working with a historic site, identifying how its history can be presented to a contemporary audience through digital media without challenging the existing architectural narrative of the space. He will consider the historical and theoretical context of digital and spatial interactions and the visitor perception of the synthesis between digital media and spatial qualities.

A number of projects carried out by Duncan McCauley will be showcased to illustrate the different ways in which such media has been used at individual sites. These include the Potsdam City Museum where animated reconstructions of the Old Town Hall and the former Barberini Palace form part of a multimedia installation and the Brickworks Museum Zehdenick, Brandenburg, where light-bricks carried by the visitors react to ultra-sonic sound waves to indicate different temperatures within the firing tunnel. At Hampton Court Palace, projects within the Queen's Guard Chamber and the Queens Gallery use multichannel sound and video installations to reinterpret baroque ceiling paintings and create a representation of George II's travelling bed.

For the full abstract see the speakers page.

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