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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

A virtual tour of Halkyn Lead Mines

Although once one of the largest lead producers in the UK, Halkyn mine closed in 1987. Since the removal of surface machinery the moonscape of humps and bumps which has been left is difficult for visitors to understand, and the greater part of the story is hidden underground.

The challenge has been in bringing to life the story of this site without impacting visually on the common, designated a Special Area of Conservation. Heritage consultant Lorna Jenner and film makers Take 27 will be talking about the use of digital technologies in developing an interpretative package that enables locals and visitors to appreciate what lies hidden beneath their feet and how it has shaped the landscape above. 

Combining rigorous research and data collection, 3D mapping and visualisation in a 3D lattice which allows a unique view of the complex underground world and mining timeline, the completed tour will be unveiled at the Digital Past 2014 conference.

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