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Monday, 27 January 2014

History Space: Between the physical and the real...

While the use of mobile apps acting as multi-agent systems in interpretative environments is routine, current models reveal the application of a limited set of contextual references in the design and delivery of the user interface.

Adrian Hickey and Helen Jackson of the Centre of Media Research, University of Ulster, will be challenging well-worn methods in their presentation of History Space. This project features a location based mobile app that provides an innovative interpretative experience at Downhill Demense, a site of historical significance on the north coast of Northern Ireland.

Through technology based approaches to content design and delivery that includes geo-locative access, gesture recognition, gamification methods and augmented reality navigation, the History Space model offers a unique solution to the challenges of creating effective interfaces between physical places and digital spaces. Using the model as a case study, Adrian and Helen will discuss how the use of an effective interface can offer opportunities for truly novel interactions in interpretative interfaces.

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