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Friday, 10 January 2014

Digital technologies in site management

John Edwards, Assistant Director of Properties in care at Cadw, will be at Digital Past 2014 presenting on how technology can both help establish the condition and performance of buildings and integrate and manage the information and data produced.

John will talk about the use and potential of such technologies and highlighting what they could achieve. The main focus is Heritage Cottage, a small terraced house, built in 1854 in the south wales village of Cwmdare and purchased by Cadw in 2012. This is a test bed for Cadw that aims to generate knowledge to inform the sector as a whole for the benefit of traditional buildings in Wales and beyond.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is grabbing most of the headlines in the construction press, but this usually concerns new construction. Cadw's approach to Heritage Cottage is centred in learning and that includes BIM. The building has been laser scanned and a 3D model produced, and from this BIM using Revit will be developed, with the input of a range of knowledge and data sets.

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