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Thursday, 16 January 2014

From Vision to Reality - The Mary Rose Museum

In her keynote presentation, Dr Alexzandra Hildred (Curator of Ordnance and Human Remains, MRM) will be exploring the journey of the Mary Rose from her sinking in 1545 to the reunification in 2013 of the hull with thousands of objects found within.

No marine excavation has yet surpassed the scale of the Mary Rose project, nor so completely captured the imagination and interest of the public. The unprecedented level of preservation of the hulk and the number of historical artefacts has provided a unique and vivid window on to life at sea in the sixteenth century.

From concept to realisation, Alexzandra will reveal the challenges of installation, interpretation and display within a state-of-the-art museum, which, like the silts, wraps itself around the hulk to protect her and her treasures for future generations.

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